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I completely re-designed and reorganized the site, giving it a more professional look and setting up an online store. The group is now able to sell CDs, sheet music, t-shirts, mugs and other items online. I also set up a pressroom with media information and promotional photos of the group.

An ongoing project for the First State Mini Club. The club needed a site that would attract new members, build their mailing list, and advertise their annual show and sale. It also serves as "command central" for members, with a passworded members-only section, downloadable club forms, club newsletters, and links to social media.


An informational and marketing site for harpist Janet Witman. This site features her repertoire list, contract and fees, lesson information, performance schedule and her published arrangements and CDs for sale.



I was hired by the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Council, Inc. to completely re-design and re-structure their website. The site is now "command central" for Girls, Parents, Volunteers, Alumnae and Staff for online resources, programs and events, and the most up-to-date information. I also set up and linked to a new Council Facebook and Twitter page for additional online outreach and marketing.

Although the graphic look of the site has changed, the site architecture remains largely the same.

Delaware Art Museum Website


The site as it appears here, was completely re-designed, re-organized and launched in February, 2006. The entire process took just under 8 weeks.

In the past five years , the site has been through at least 5 different re-designs, one of which won the Best Website at the 2004 AFP Philanthropy Day for non-profit communications.

Although the graphic look has changed, the site architecture I designed remains largely the same.



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