White Horse Studio

Customized Model Horses

All horses are 1:12 scale unless otherwise noted. Most are well-loved former toys rescued from various states of disrepair and neglect. They undergo a painstaking process of repair, customization, paint and detailng, and then are fitted with silky, flowing manes and tails. A special final touch adds that spark of "life" to their eyes, completing their transformation from battered toy to collector's dream.

Robert E. Lee & Traveller
King of the Wind

The Golden Unicorn
Taliesin, Gypsy Vanner
The Black Stallion
Blue Roan
The King's Horse
American Warmblood

One-of-a-kind Polymer Clay Horses

All horses are 1:12 scale unless otherwise noted. These horses have been individually hand-sculpted by the artist in polymer clay over a strong wire armature, and are fitted with Tibetan Lamb. English Viscose, or Fantasy Floss manes and tails. Each is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Green Water Horse

Blue Water Horse
The Black Winged Horse

The "View from My Workbench"
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