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   The Black Stallion

Walter Farley's story of The Black Stallion has always been a favorite among readers of all ages.

Several layers of color and clear sealers create depth and richness to his coat. His silky Tibetan lambswool mane and tail are treated with special stylers to help create a windswept look as the stallion gallops down the beach.

Sand, shells, sea grass, lichens and stones lend a natural look to the custom wooden base with sculpted dune.

$195 (sold)

THE BLACK STALLION WORKSHOP was taught at the 2011 Sturbridge Festival of Miniatures.
Below, Evelyn G. and Judy R. are seen having a grand time working on their horses!
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All horses are 1:12 scale Breyer models unless otherwise noted. Most are well-loved former toys rescued from various states of disrepair and neglect. They undergo a painstaking process of repair, customization, paint and detailng, and then are fitted with silky, flowing manes and tails. A special final touch adds that spark of "life" to their eyes, completing their transformation from battered toy to collector's dream. Interested buyers may purchase directly online, or contact me at mare@whitehorsestudio.com. Commissions accepted as schedule allows. Click here for shipping information.

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