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  Tiny Blue Water Horse

The Each Uisge (Scots Gaelic translated literally as Water Horse), a supernatural water spirit found in the Highlands of Scotland, is the most dangerous water-dwelling creature in Britain. Often mistaken as the Kelpie (which inhabits streams and rivers), the Each Uisge lives in the sea, sea lochs, and fresh water lochs.

The Water Horse is a beguiling shape-shifter, disguising itself as a fine horse or pony. If a man mounts it, the creature’s skin becomes adhesive and it immediately plunges to the deepest part of the loch with its victim. After the victim drowns, the Water Horse tears the victim apart and devours the entire body except for the liver, which floats to the surface.

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All my figures are individually hand-sculpted in 1:12 scale from polymer clay. They are painted using Genesis heat set oils, costumed in the finest fabrics and wigged with English Viscose or Tibetan lamb hair. Each is a one-of-a-kind creation. Interested buyers may purchase directly online, or contact me at mare@whitehorsestudio.com. Commissions accepted as schedule allows. Click here for shipping information.

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