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  Philadelphia Flower Show Miniature Settings

My love of terrariums, bonsai, theatrical set design, doll making and gardening all come together in the Philadelphia Flower Show Miniature Settings. A juried show with strict guidelines as to theme, size, construction and horticultural elements (yes, they must include LIVE, rooted miniature plants!), these challenging dioramas often take a full year to complete. The Flower show runs for a full week every March, during which time exhibitors in this class must maintain their displays and plants in pristine condition. Visitors to the show often wait in line for an hour to see this popular exhibit. For more information on the Philadelphia Flower Show vist www.theflowershow.com

Chester's Wake
2nd Place, 2003

The Fountain of Peirene
Best in Show, 2004

The Neighbors
Best in Show, 2005

Legend of the Water Horse
2nd Place, 2006

Aoibheal of the Grey Rock
1st Place, 2007

Restoration-ready Classic
2nd Place, 2010
Soul of Montmartre
2nd Place, 2011
Bloody Mary
1st Place, 2012

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