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  Kitty's Cantina

Welcome to "Kitty's Cantina," where Miss Kitty waits for Marshal Catt Dillon with a welcome glass of champagne!

This was our FSMC Club Project for 2005. Club members were provided with the unfinished, front-opening Country Store Kit, and the theme was "A Street of Shops."

The Store Kit was a bit of a challenge— when I opened the box, out fell what looked like a pile of matchsticks and odd wood scraps. Not a beginner's kit by any means. And 90 percent of the pieces had to be re- cut and furiously sanded to fit. I repositioned the door opening and cut out the center panel to allow for a stained glass window.

The stained glass window was done using special cling film that was run through my ink-jet printer and then applied to a piece of clear styrene.

Originally purchased for a Victorian scene I never finished called "Peeping Tom," the porcelain "cat people" doll parts came from Elaine's Petite People Plus . I assembled, wigged and dressed both dolls.

Most of the scene was made using scrounged, bought, hand-made and modified items. The biggest challenge of the scene was getting the piano to fit inside the box. I had to cut an inch off one side to get it in there, but the cut side is camouflaged under Kitty's skirts.

The best "deal" in the scene has to be the chandelier, which I bought for $4.00 at one of our club meetings.

Kitty's Cantina won the yellow ribbon in our 2005 Club show's People's Choice competition.

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