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  '59 Ford F-150

This tableau was our FSMC Club Project for 2006. Club members were provided with the terra cotta saucer, and the theme was "In the Garden."

Being the non-conformist that I am, I decided my garden would be less than formal. I also wanted to challenge myself to do this project with 100% stuff I had lying around. Everything in the scene was leftover from other projects,the rocks were scrounged from my driveway, and the trees are some of my bonsai that died.

Inspiration for this project came from my childhood visits to my Uncle Jack's farm. As with most farms, it had it's share of junk vehicles. My cousin and I liked to play in them, until we had the bejeezus scared out of us by a family  of raccoons that had moved into the back seat of an old Buick.

'59 Ford F-150 won the blue ribbon in our club show's People's Choice competition.

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Work  in Progress Shots


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