How to build your own Miniature Museum in 75 easy steps!

Architectural Model Building 101- Week One


Step one:
Cut the binding off the 25lb roll of architectural drawings (yes we weighed it) and spend an entire day figuring out which ones are needed. Pray the diningroom table is still under there somewhere. Drape extra drawings over remaining livingroom and kitchen furniture for reference.

Step one-b:
Find somwhere besides the sofa to hang up the taped together drawings. The 5-foot square cardboard box from the gatorfoam base makes a handy planboard. Stubby, our feline construction manager, approves the site plan.

Step two:
Decide that you just can't stand looking at the CAD drawings anymore, and go out to lunch. On the way back, sneak onto closed Kentmere construction site through a hole in the fence, and photograph building and site details. Notice the Flemish Bond brick pattern.
  Step two-b:
Marvel at the reservoir stone, then realize that the plastruct texure sheets leftover from your last project isn't going to work. Go to Mitchell's and buy everything they have, which is also not enough. Panic, then proceed to step three.
Step three:
Order supplies online. Several thicknesses of gatorfoam, polystyrene, foam putty and myriad model railroading supplies (the model is built in 1/16" equals a foot scale, which is the same as N-scale model railroad.) Teeny people, cars, trees, grass etc will add to the realism.
  Step four:
While waiting for detail supplies to arrive, select and cut stepped layers of fomecore for the land gradations. Glue together in place and press with hi-tech, specially designed weighting system. Go home and look up species of trees and plants in American Horiticultural society Encyclopedia.

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