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   Delaware Art Museum Architectural Model

I showed him some photos of my friend Nancy's work in the architectural model business, and the next thing we knew, we were making a proposal to the museum's board of directors to build the model in detail with landscaping, for less than half the aforementioned price. We were hired! We nearly went insane, but managed to pull it off in 7 weeks time, after work and on weekends, just in time for the Musuem Director to present to a prospective donor. He took one look at the model and made a huge donation.
As far as I know, the model is still at the museum, housed in the Administrative wing.

For a hilarious look at the insanity of building the model, check out:
How to build your own Miniature Museum in just 75 easy steps

The Delaware Art Museum underwent a major renovation in 2002-2005. IAt the start of the project, potential donors were having a hard time picturing the new museum in the big muddy mess at the site. The Architect wanted $40,000 to build a plain balsa wood model of the new museum. At that time, I was employed as the museum's Art Director-Webmaster. After hearing about my Philly Flower Show Miniature Settings project, the project manager joked that they should hire me to do it.

Click details below to enlarge. Photos of model by Carson Zullinger.

The actual Delaware Art Museum, view from Kentmere Parkway, Wilmington DE
Photo by Florian Holzherr

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