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  Clairseach—Pricing and Availability


The question I'm asked most right after "can you play Stairway to Heaven on that thing?", is
"how much do you charge?"

To which I reply: "it depends."

Many factors will affect the fee. Is your event indoors or outdoors? Afternoon or evening? How far do I drive to get there? Is it formal or informal? Do I need to learn new music for it? Will there be other musicians I'll need to rehearse with? Will it require prior rehearsals? And so on.

In other words, we need to talk. What I can tell you:

I charge a flat starting fee of $250 for the average wedding.

That includes one consultation to select music, travel within 30 miles of Elkton, MD (where I'm located) and music (up to two hours) which can be any or all of the following:

  • prelude or background music (as guests are being seated)
  • processional
  • ceremonial
  • recessional
  • postlude(as guests are leaving)

It does not include:
Prior rehearsals (not usually neccessary), or reception music. I base additions to that fee on a rate of $100 per hour.

This starting fee and hourly rate also applies to other events, such as dinner parties and memorial services, whether you want only 15 minutes of music, or up to two hours. Why? Harps don't travel easily. Set up and take-down for a 15 minute performance can end up being a two hour ordeal in itself. This is why I charge a minimum starting fee.

Events are "officially" booked when two things happen:
1. Receipt of a 50 percent, non-refundable* deposit of the mutually agreed upon fee. (The remainder is due one week prior to the event.)
2. Receipt of the signed contract.

I cannot "hold" a date without a signed contract and a deposit.
Often, I find several people want to book the same date. If you've asked me to play your event, but have not returned the contract and deposit, your date is considered "pending" and still open for booking by others.

*details explained fully in printed contract. You can download and print a blank contract HERE.

Get Adobe Reader  Contract is in pdf format.
Download Adobe pdf reader here for free.

Summer wedding dates fill up fast!
To book your event now--contact me at mare@whitehorsestudio.com

And in case you're wondering, yes, I can play "Stairway to Heaven" on that thing!

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