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  The Cats: Skeetlin

Official Name: Willow
Status: Adventure Cat
Reason Here: Adopted from SPCA as a kitten
Birthdate: February 14 1986, died June 14, 2002
Sex: Male, neutered
Color: Silver Tabby
Coat: So soft
Eyes: Green
Weight: 12 lbs
Aliases: Skeetlin, Cattie, Sosoft, Soft-ness, Fuzzle, Fuzzle head, Scruff-muffin, Cat-nowie, Skeeto-kitty, Wee Kittie-beastie, Weewillowetnose, Willow-toes

Skeetlin's story

Disclaimer: THE ANSWER IS NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just because I have a dozen cats here at any given time does not mean that I'm the perfect person to take in your unwanted animal. Animals are not disposable, and if you can't or don't want to care for yours any more, it is up to you to find it a good home. That does not include dumping it on someone who already has twelve cats, or taking it to a "shelter", where it will most surely be euthanized. I am not an animal collector, and our place is maxed out. Sorry.

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